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Leap blogs Advertisers Focus on LinkedIn

Why should advertisers focus on LinkedIn?

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According to LinkedIn’s parent company Microsoft, “LinkedIn sessions grew 30% in the last three months of 2020, while the platform’s total revenue increased 23% in the period.”

As LinkedIn is a professional network, the members have two times the buying power compared to other platforms. Targeting audience on LinkedIn is more effective than other platforms as we can focus on individuals and businesses who are sure to engage with our ads. Campaign manager tool in LinkedIn focuses on objective-based advertising.

LinkedIn Sales Insight introduced in December 2020 helps businesses better look at different business opportunities based on demographics and other specs. Placing an Insight tag on your website can track visitors, which, in turn, helps you retarget them on LinkedIn. Hence get more on what you spend while advertising using LinkedIn ads.

Some of the pros and cons of using LinkedIn ads are:


  • Better audience targeting
  • Sales Insight helps focus on business that would benefit conversions
  • Versatile Ad options


  • Too expensive than other platforms
  • Exporting organic data is a hassle
  • Set up of ads can be a bit difficult as it has many rules or regulations regarding posting

Whether LinkedIn Ads are right for your business, is eventually up to you. But if you’re trying to market a B2B business and haven’t invested in LinkedIn Ads lately, it might be a good idea with all the improvement over the past few years to give it another try.