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What Makes A Good Advertising Campaign?

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“What makes a good campaign?” is a question that many advertisers and marketing specialists have asked themselves. While it’s true that there does not exist one true best Ad campaign. There are millions of campaigns apkticket that have left their mark in the hearts of the audience. 

In this blog, we aim to discuss three impactful campaigns and what we can learn from them.


This ad campaign by Always, an American brand under Procter & Gamble and Leo Burnett, was launched in June 2014 and the commercial went viral after the 2015 Super Bowl. The campaign offered a groundbreaking message that hundreds of millions of people repeated long after the campaign was over. As the campaign’s short film went public, people’s perception of the phrase “like a girl” began to change. It generated more than 85 million global views on YouTube. After watching it, 76% of people said they no longer viewed the phrase negatively.

This campaign’s success can be linked to its ability to acknowledge not just their audience, but the challenges they face. Though marketers and advertisers tend to stay away from political or societal issues, not every societal problem is off-limits. Taking a stand on issues, you know your audience supports, will let you access a customer base that identifies with your passion. The campaign was also a recipient of the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial. 


In March 2020, Proctor & Gamble partnered with sensational TikToker, Charli D’Amelio, to urge people to stay home and prevent coronavirus spread. In the first week alone, the campaign garnered 8 billion views and 1.7 million imitation dances, with celebrities, sports teams and other big names joining the campaign.

This campaign’s success can be credited to the ad agency’s understanding of TikTok, its audience and a clever influencer partnership can take your campaign to unimaginable heights. Many brands have yet to venture into TikTok, even though it is now the sixth biggest social network (and growing). It’s prevalent among Gen Z, with about half of all users between 18 and 24. Being unique to the platform and adapting to a changing market audience is crucial to every campaign.


Apple launched this strategic campaign during the months that were spent under lockdown due to the pandemic. It was to promote their line of iPhones and their products’ quality along with the partnering hashtag #ShotoniPhone. The hashtag currently has over 18 million tagged posts, videos, and reels on Instagram; created by consumers, fans, and followers.

With Apple resharing user-generated content reigniting a strong sense of community when everyone is stuck at home and creates free, high-quality content for their brand. 

To answer the question, “What makes a good ad campaign?”, we look at some aspects that go into creating a successful marketing campaign. These include:

  1. Create memorable content
  2. They’re true to the brand
  3. Simplicity is better
  4. They’re unique to each platform
  5. Be authentic
  6. Craft a powerful message

With the above knowledge in hand, start thinking of what and how you can apply to your brand. Keep in mind; a good campaign is the one that connects with the things that matter most to your ideal customer. Let the advertising games begin!