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The Surge of Ephemeral Content

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Ephemeral content is defined as content that goes away after a certain period. Instagram and Snapchat stories are examples of this type of content. They are engaging and addictive in a way that people spend hours scrolling through them. According to Hootsuite, 64% of marketers already have incorporated Instagram Stories into their strategy or plan to do so.


Using ephemeral content can help you connect with your audience and effectively define your brand. By posting polls and Q&A on stories, you get your audience to engage with your content. Many businesses promote their ads on stories by adding a ‘See More’ tag, and as time is constricted, people tend to click and see what promotion or new products have launched.


The best example for an impact filled ephemeral content is one from the National Geographic channel. To increase awareness of the plastic crisis and collect pledges to avoid using plastic from their audience, they created stories using a simple photo series of the seahorse. In this, the first image had a caption, “It’s easy to take plastic out”, forcing the viewer to look at the following picture. The next shot had a plastic bud wrapped around its tail, and the last photo had one question, “Plant or Plastic?” along with the link to their page. By the end of the campaign, they generated around 342M pledges. A simple yet impactful story helped National Geographic reach its audience and get them to engage with their content effortlessly.


You can diversify your content by giving a behind-the-scenes look and consider using product demo and tutorials. This helps bring the audience closer to your brand and feel like they are a part of the process. This is one way of portraying an authentic, genuine and honest look into your brand.


Avoid the FOMO and take advantage of ephemeral content by including it in your next content strategy and plan live sessions to connect with your audience. This type of content helps the audience connect with your brand better than any other form of advertisement. As user-generated content is gaining momentum, create branded filters, geo-filters, etc., to increase reach. While using ephemeral content, don’t forget to use the correct tags such as geotags, hashtags and nametags. Don’t worry about investing in content that disappears fast as it gets you results more quickly.

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