The Rise Of “Value Influencers”

Social distancing has forced us to spend more time on social media, which has opened the door to many creative minds to enter the world of digital influencing.

Spending more time at home has allowed a large group of people to explore various video-based platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, which led to a 14% increase in the content published on these platforms in March 2020.

With the increase in the number of content and the number of hours spent browsing various social media sites – platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have seen an increase of 44% in the past month.

Even though social media platforms are seeing an increase in platform usage, influencers are seeing a drop in business as events and partnerships have been either postponed or cancelled.

We expected existing influencers to become more popular, but the reality has been shocking. The inability of some of them to produce content that’s relatable or appropriate based on the ongoing situation has caused a lot of people to unfollow them.

Most recently Vanessa Hudgens was under fire as she complained about Coachella getting cancelled. (maybe use a photo of her video as a visual for the article)

This is a good indication that, as an influencer, if your content doesn’t add any value to your followers lives and if you’re insensitive towards any issue that people are dealing with, you could be putting your career in jeopardy.


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