Taking the Plunge to Restart your Career

Taking the Plunge to Restart your Career

Due to the current pandemic, I as many others lost my job. It was challenging and caught me off guard as it happened out of the blue. At that moment I felt like the sky was falling on my head.

I spent the entire evening thinking about what I should do next? I had two options, I could either spend a few weeks sulking or I could take action and try to find what opportunities were out there. I chose the latter, and it seemed like a perfect time to explore new opportunities that were beyond my comfort zone.

A few months ago I was looking at the possibility of restarting my career and switching over to a new industry but never really had the time or courage to do it. I took this opportunity and tried my luck to work in an industry I was keen on exploring for the past few years.

Working in an industry that you have no skills (or think you don’t have) can be intimidating, discouraging and you might end-up worrying that you may end up failing. I soon realised that it wasn’t true in my case because I love to learn something new each day. I love sharing ideas with my colleagues and understand all the different concepts of marketing and how to always be the best at what you do. There’s a lot to learn and grow, so I decided to take a plunge and see where my career goes from there.

Starting a new role in a new industry is daunting at best, and working from home doesn’t make it easy, but there are plenty of ways to stay connected and still continue learning. With that outlook, I have zero regrets of moving to a new industry during a global pandemic, in fact, it was the best decision I made in 2020.

If you are struggling and looking to switch over to a different industry or even a new organization, do not wait any further. Here’s my best advice on how to switch industry.

Instead of feeling helpless and losing hope, use this time to re-think about your priorities and if the industry you picked as soon as you graduated is the right fit for you. Was it the proper role for you? Do you see yourself in the same industry five or ten years down the road? If your answer is no, then it is the right time to move on and find a role or a career that is the best for you.

Even if you think that the economy might crash in the upcoming months, there are and will still be plenty of different industries where the demand for workers is still high.

Start by changing your mentality and know that you will always be growing outside your comfort zone. First, do some research online on the industry that you are interested in so you have an idea if you will like it or not.

There are plenty of online platforms where you can learn more and get some new knowledge and develop skills that will help you grow in new terrain.

Speak with your co-workers and friends who can help you, guide you, and advise you if you are still struggling to figure out what you want your next chapter to be. If you are uncertain, do not hesitate to speak with guidance or career counsellors, who can help you navigate through the millions of opportunities that are out there for you to grab.

Once you have identified what you like the most and where you will fit in the most, go ahead and tap into your network as it will be a tremendous asset and it can open some doors that you would have never imagined.

Be bold and share your CV and connect with people who are currently employed or formerly employed by companies within the industry that interests you.

Don’t forget that you always grow outside your comfort zone!

Soraya Oghaby, Intern

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