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Social Listening: Why it’s important and how it can benefit your business

Online reputation has become increasingly important ever since brands entered the social media ecosystem. As new platforms emerge, it has become essential for brands to increase their visibility to reach their desired target audience groups.

However, social media marketing and online reputation are not as black & white as they seem. Brands need to be extra cautious to avoid getting associated with lousy service, slanders, and other issues that can result in negative social media mentions around the brand name.

As things escalate very quickly on social platforms, it’s important to continually track your brand or business’ social media channels and look out for any alarming activity that could hurt the brand or business. Creating an always-on social listening system can help brands and businesses stay on track, identify and address these red flags before they grow into a crisis. Social listening doesn’t just end at monitoring conversations around the brand or business. It finds the source behind any harmful social discussions and helps the brand or business implement long-term strategy changes.

It’s a well-known fact that customers want to feel heard on social media. But it’s more than that. Social listening can be used to thoughtfully craft answers that provide real value. Those are the kinds of reactions that will evoke brand loyalty and enhance retention rates.

Additionally, social listening is an essential toolkit in times of crisis. Social listening tools like Netbase, Talkwalker, Brandwatch, etc. help you identify the root cause of a situation and help marketers determine if serious measures need to be taken to address the issue.

Have you implemented social listening to your communications strategy yet? Learn more about our insights services when you book a free 30 minutes consultation.