Observing the Holy Month of Ramadan during Covid-19

Observing the Holy Month of Ramadan during Covid-19

During the holy month of Ramadan, we tend to pay more attention to age-old rituals and traditions as spirituality is the focal point in everyone’s heart.

One way or other, the sanctity that overcomes individuals practising their faith during this month matches the regulations put in place to contain and fight COVID-19.

According to herbal life nutrition, some of the customs of Ramadan are, first, being very careful what you put into your body as what you eat affects you throughout the day. Eating foods that may cause your body to dehydrate or even foods that are not beneficial in terms of vitamins and nutrients will keep your body from working at full capacity while fasting during the day.

Furthermore, herbal life mentions drinking enough water and enough fluids to keep your body hydrated throughout the hot days we are approaching. Staying hydrated during non-fasting hours is beneficial in terms of flushing out any harmful elements in your body, thus diminishing your chances of getting sick.

According to an article by Dr Shahid Athar, the third and most crucial custom that a lot of people practice and is – staying home and practising social distancing. By complying with the government-mandated precautionary measures and practising them during the holy month of Ramadan will enable you to support your community during a global public health crisis.

Staying home and social distancing gives you a chance to re-think and re-evaluate what you want and what you need to do to make your life and yourself better.

Keeping yourself out of the chaos of life and the stress usually faced during the day will help in calming your soul and will keep you and your family safe during the pandemic.

Pray, stay home and stay safe. Ramadan Kareem!

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