Does working remotely cause roadblocks in the creative process?

Work from home sounds like a dream come true for many people, no need to dress up or go through the long commutes or be afraid of getting late. I thought I was one of them until it actually happened.

It’s harder than I thought, be it a graphic designer or anyone working in the creative field, we drive our ideas from people around us, from things around us, sometimes a word can trigger an idea or an expression, it’s all in the moment. Working from home doesn’t give us that stimulus. Isolation really is the biggest challenge.


Everyone has a different unique process, I make sure I have a lot of tasks on my to-do list and my meetings are scheduled with different people of the office at different times, these meetings help me keep track of time and the tasks refrains me from being lazy or slack off. Sometimes when I get a designers’ block, I go to websites like ads of the world or Instagram page graphic zone and look at different ads and it really gets me going.

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