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Youtube Shorts

Are Youtube Shorts the next BIG thing?


If you spend any time on YouTube, you’ve likely seen the rise of “YouTube Shorts.” These short-form videos are a new format for content creators to reach their audiences in a quick and easy way. But the question remains: are YouTube Shorts the next big thing?


There are a few reasons why it’s possible that YouTube Shorts could become the next big trend on the platform. First, they’re incredibly easy to create*. Anyone can record a short video with their phone, add a few captions or stickers, and upload it to YouTube. This accessibility means that creators don’t need to invest in expensive equipment or spend hours editing videos.


*Leap recommends you use one of these apps to start producing your Shots:

  • Wondershare FilmoraGo
  • CapCut
  • VideoLeap
  • Inshot
  • KineMaster Video Edito



Second, YouTube is pushing Shorts heavily on the platform as it’s trying to compete with rivals like Instagram Reels and TikTok. The “Shorts” tab is prominently displayed on the mobile app, making it easy for users to find and engage with short-form content.


Additionally, YouTube is actively promoting Shorts through its algorithm, which is incentivizing creators to make more of this type of content.


And if you’re Looking for some passive -or main- source of income, get ready to earn some extra cash!


YouTube Shorts finally launched its revenue sharing program on February 1, 2023. But here’s the catch, you need to accept the Shorts Monetization Module if you want to be eligible. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science! By accepting the terms, you’ll be able to earn money from ads and YouTube Premium in the Shorts Feed.


If you accept the Module after February 1, 2023, you’ll be able to start earning revenue from eligible Shorts views on your channel from the date you accept it. So, the sooner you accept, the sooner you can start raking in the dough! But wait, there’s more! Any Shorts views that you accrued before accepting the Module will not be eligible for revenue sharing.


This step has the potential to convert a big percentage of TikTokers and Reelers into Youtubers which gives us somehow an answer to our question.


Ultimately, whether YouTube Shorts are the next big thing or not will depend on how creators and users continue to engage with them. But for now, it’s clear that this type of video format is here to stay and change the world of online video content.