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Are you ready to join the Club?

Are you ready to join the Club?

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Even though Clubhouse went live in April 2020, the $1 billion valued app didn’t go viral until around six weeks ago! The invitation-only audio chat social network has gained popularity among iOS users (the app is currently only available to iOS users) as it promotes open discussions around various topics. Users can join either public rooms, create private rooms or secret rooms with the people of their choice.

Joining Clubhouse is not easy, which makes it more appealing. All you have to do is to wait for a fellow Clubhouser to invite you to the platform, or you can go ahead and sign up yourself and wait for someone to let you in the app.

If you are an Android user, you’ll have to practice the virtue of patience now as the app is still “under construction”.

Upon joining the growing community of Clubhouse, you’ll notice that it has a vast array of discussed topics. Rooms worldwide discuss all types of subjects; some are professional while others are personal or just for fun.

Once you join a room, you automatically turn into a “listener”. Still, if you have something to add to the subject, you can be a “speaker” by raising your hand – there is a button for that, don’t worry, or be chosen by one of the “moderators” of the room to be one.

How to benefit from Clubhouse is totally up to you! You can use it to advance your career or learn a new skill by tapping into your niche professional rooms. You can use it to educate others by starting your public room where you can share your knowledge with the entire world -as long as they own an iPhone or an iPad. You could also de-stress by joining public rooms that focus on mindfulness and meditation.

Businesses have been slowly exploring Clubhouse, and they can benefit from Clubhouse in several ways! Clubhouse allows connecting with others in your industry and network with other business leaders. Additionally, the app enables leaders to mentor people who are getting ready to enter the workforce, budding entrepreneurs, and future leaders. Clubhouse can also connect business with stakeholders, investors, & influencers & this can open the door to a whole new world of future collaborations.

If you are a part of Clubhouse already, we advise you to use it wisely as it is incredibly immersive, and you could lose track of time. If you are not a part of it yet, well, may the odds be forever in your favour.

*We are currently monitoring the conversation and development concerning the hacking suspicions on the platform and potential data leak. Read more about it here